Ecology Building Society

Ecology Building Society partnership for SIP Build UK

Ecology Building Society are a specialist mortgage provider for properties and projects that have a positive environmental or social impact.

The Government recognises the urgent need to reduce the carbon footprint of house building. To achieve this, new homes must decrease carbon emissions by 75% before 2025. In his independent review of custom and self-build housing, Richard Bacon MP recommended the use of off-site manufacturing and modern construction methods to create more environmentally friendly homes. SBUK Group is excited to partner with the Ecology Building Society, as their innovative new mortgages will empower more individuals to fund and build their dream homes.

Ecology Building Society is a standout lender that understands the challenges of self-building. They have expertise in various technologies, building methods, and materials required to create sustainable and eco-friendly modern homes. In addition, their recent mortgage offerings reflect the changing construction industry, where homes are increasingly manufactured off-site and assembled on-site.

Off-site build mortgage

Ecology Building Society specialises in providing mortgages for unique off-site build projects and takes a personalised approach to assess each plan. Unlike standard lenders, they welcome builds that may not meet traditional criteria.

If you need help with a mortgage while building your own home, consider having a conversation with the Ecology Building Society.

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Self Build project in Stanstead
Ecology Building Society

We’re experts in providing mortgages for unique off-site build projects which are of unusual construction types. Off-site construction (sometimes referred to as Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) or modular) is becoming a more popular choice of build and has many advantages over traditional self-build projects. We don’t have a ‘tick box’ approach to assessing projects – in many instances, we’ll welcome projects that standard lenders may not accept.