CPD Training

Curious about SIPs? We’ve got you covered.

Throughout the year we hold Curious about SIPs 1/2 day events, which also include a Factory tour. Our next SIP CPD event is on the 1st February 2024, and it’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about SIPs from some of the industry’s leading experts! These events are perfect for architects, developers, specifiers and self builders who want to learn more about SIPs.  BOOK TODAY to reserve your seat! Click here.

Alternatively we offer FREE SIP CPD sessions with our team at your request. As one of the leading providers in our field, we’re always eager to share our knowledge and will answer any questions you have about building with SIPs.

Looking for help with a particular project? Get the knowledge you need with our SIP CPD training sessions, available online or in person depending upon location.

Architects Attending a Teams CPD Session Online

CPD’s are via TEAMS or in person depending on location. For all TEAMS presentations, all attendees must have access to a computer with camera turned on!

If you already have a project and require an estimate enquire now.