SIPs For Commercial Builds

SIPs For Commercial Builds | SIPs are used increasingly for the inner skin of office developments or as the supporting structure for cladding systems. The insulating properties of the panels offer a warm environment for the staff whilst substantially reducing heating costs to the company.

As with all SIPs buildings, commercial properties can be designed to the client’s individual specifications, giving a fit-for-purpose building from the outset. The speed that the panels are erected impacts on the total build time, reducing both time and cost considerably. Companies are able to plan their move into the new premises with confidence, creating as little disruption to their business as possible.

Steel and concrete portal frames

SIPs are being used increasingly for the cladding of steel and concrete portal frames. With the use of SIPs any facade can be used and secured back to the system. Benefits that are typical with this form of construction are reduced wall thicknesses and thus a better use of footprint. The need for costly brackets and fixings that would be needed for other frame systems are dramatically reduced due to the excellent pull out strength achieved by the Hemsec SIP panel.