SIPs For Cladding

With our cladding we can provide:

SIPs For Cladding | SIP Panels provide both insulation and structure, so the external finish does not need to provide any structural support.

  • Can achieve whole wall U–values of 0.16 W/m2.K or better
  • Can achieve low air leakage rates
  • BBA and NSAI Agreement certified
  • Insulation core manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero ODP and low GWP
  • Constructions available that correspond to BRE Global Green Guide generic elements which achieve a Summary Rating of A+
  • Quick and safe to build
  • External walls can be installed up to 50% faster than if using alternative construction methods
  • Internal works can start earlier
  • Minimal on–site waste
  • Cleaner sites due to lack of cement particle board cutting on site.
  • Can provide dramatically thinner full wall constructions than conventional steel framed systems
  • Can create highly energy efficient buildings with very low fuel bills
  • No hot works required and therefore no quarantine areas
  • One operation for the fitting of the structure, insulation and sheet covering.
  • Fixing points everywhere for cladding rails not just at set centres.