SIPs For Educational Buildings

SIPs For Educational Buildings | Many schools and colleges are looking for ways to increase their student capacity with minimum term-time disruption. The advantage of structural insulated panels (SIPs) is they are designed and built off-site, so disruption is minimised.

Clients are given an accurate timescale for on-site activity – typically a matter of days – giving schools the confidence to book other contractors in advance to complete the roofing, rendering, wiring and plumbing without disrupting the school calendar.

SIPs are also the most environmentally friendly build option for your school or college. They offer unbeatable insulation resulting in lower energy bills and the lightweight pre-fabricated cells are faster to assemble on-site than traditional construction methods, reducing project costs. SIPs use up to 35 per cent less timber and are made from sustainably harvested spruce.

Educational buildings and extensions can be designed with individual specifications to suit the needs of teachers and students with support at hand from SipBuild UK at every stage.

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