Wolfreton Lodge | SIP Self Build Home

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ARCHITECT: Innovation Architecture



System Products:

172mm SIP Panel

The panels are typically 1220mm wide and can be as long as 7.5 metres in length to suit each individual project. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-walls/

172mm SIP Panel

The panels are typically 1220mm wide and can be as long as 7.5 metres in length to suit each individual project. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-walls/

Metal Open Web Internal Floors.

A metal open web floor refers to a floor construction method that utilizes metal open web joists or trusses. This design allows for efficient routing of services and provides cost savings, ease of installation, and design flexibility. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-flooring


Caberdeck is a structural decking derived from CaberFloor P5, which meets the standards set out in BS EN312: part 5 and BBA-approved, offering additional confirmation of its quality and efficiency. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-flooring/


TF200 is a breather membrane product offered by the company Glidevale Protect. It is a high-performance membrane meant for safeguarding external walls including roof while construction is happening.

Architecturally Complex – tbc + *2019

The costs provided are totally indicative and should be used informatively and not part of any detailed budgeting process. How long is a piece of string comes to mind!!! https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-cost/

We do hope however that this helps to provide a picture of what can be achieved with our structures within different budget ranges.

Wolfreton Lodge | SIP Self Build Home

This stunning self build property delivered the dream home for our client. The vision of completely open plan areas, stunning vaulted ceiling spaces and stairwells made SIPs an obvious choice. The vaulted ceilings were formed with precision during the SIPs design stages and this complex roof them installed to exacting precision on site ensured the clients precise vision could be delivered.

The specification of the 172mm SIPs panel ensured that U Values a low as 0.15 were achieved straight off the shelf which also delivered on the thermal, environmental and sustainability requirements requested by the client.

This stunning property has endless features and is an aesthetic master piece, all of which was delivered through detailed design, engineering and installation by SIP Build UK as the appointed SIPs specialist.

SIP Build UK took complete responsibility for the design, engineering and installation of the SIPs including all internal walls, floors and the huge amounts of additional structure in both glulam and steel to deliver this open plan, vaulted, stunning property.

This project is an exemplar representation of what can be achieved through the specification, design and installation of high performance offsite timber systems. The detail of the clients requirements and vision were exact. Maximising space, open plan, vaulted areas with nice clean internal lines without structural supports showing. Huge areas of corner Bi Fold doors were demanded to further exaggerate the feeling of open space, bringing the outside into the home.

The specification of the SIP 172mm system combined with the appointment of SIPs specialist SIP Build UK ensured that this could be delivered on site on time on budget – another key requisite.

This project would not have worked with various trades  taking responsibility for different structural elements required so through SIP Build UK the client, architect and follow on trades had just one point of contact regarding this fabric first, thermally efficient SIPs system.

This really is a showcase of what can be delivered when specifying SIPs systems to aesthetically demanding projects that deliver on the thermal, environmental and sustainable requirements of our industry every time whilst ensuring clients dreams are delivered.

If you are considering a SIP system for your next project we’re here to help.