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The Structural Timber Association (STA) represents the vast majority of the structural timber industry, with an extensive membership covering a range of businesses engaged in the delivery of structural timber buildings. This includes the materials supply chain, engineers, designers, manufacturers, erector/installers and associated firms providing support services, such as legal and insurance businesses.

The STA offers differing levels of membership, each requiring defined levels of quality in the way the members undertake their work. However, the extensive range of membership businesses means that the specific quality requirements differ for each type of member and customer activity. STA Assure Gold Accreditation 2023

The STA stringently audit their members annually based on set criteria.

Choosing to work with a STA member company gives you the confidence that no matter what service they are providing, they are meeting the STA’s membership criteria.

They will also have the necessary accreditation to comply with the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and CE marking, where applicable.

There is always a commercial decision to adopt increasingly recognised accreditations and standards. The STA guides its members to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance across a range of industry standards.

STA Membership Types and Levels

There are different types of membership, these are show below.

Structural Timber Building System (STBS) members

Product Supply Chain members

Erector/Installer members

Designers and Engineers

The STA has established three levels of membership; Gold, Silver and Bronze. The levels of membership are designed to recognise the differing levels of standards held by the members based on audited performance. Certification