Why use an STA Member for your self build project?

Offsite manufactured structural timber systems have advanced dramatically in recent years, offering actual cost, programme, and performance assurance for self-builders, especially when backed by the STA’s Quality Assurance Scheme.

By using an STA member to deliver your self-build project, you will be assured that they meet or exceed current standards and regulatory requirements. 

At SIP Build UK, we will support you through the whole design and build process, and with advancements in offsite technology, self-builders can also benefit from the enhanced value structural timber can bring to projects.

Why Use Structural Timber for Your Self build Project?

Approximately 13,000 people self-build their homes in the UK each year. Self-built homes are typically bespoke, with layouts designed around your needs and lifestyle, and provide a high level of finish, so the fabric of the building plays a key role. So why choose structural timber:

Speed of construction – the high degree of factory prefabrication enables a rapid build process that is not adversely influenced by inclement weather.

Cost and programme certainty – offsite construction for onsite installation makes programming and costing more predictable than traditional site-based methods.

Quality assurance – stringent factory quality controls enhance the manufacture of offsite buildings, delivering a high-performance building envelope.

Energy efficiency – high-performance, airtight structures vastly reduce energy consumption for the life of the building.

Design flexibility – with a wide range of innovative products and cladding solutions, timber systems can meet the aspirations of homeowners, designers and architects.

Sustainability – Timber from PEFC or FSC- certified sources, ensuring responsible management of the world’s forests.

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