Sip Build UK helps future-proof home in £160,000 extension

South Oxford Self Build Project

SIP Build UK – helps future-proof home in £160,000 extension | Sip Build UK has been chosen to deliver a £160,000 extension to a house in Preston Crowmarsh, South Oxfordshire.

The addition of en-suite living quarters will provide accommodation for the elderly residents’ carers, future-proofing the three-bedroom property. The new first floor of the house known as The Bitterns will include a living room, bedroom and kitchen annex with a diner.

Director and co-founder of WALLtd Anna Dulnikowska-Przystalska said speed was a major factor in the decision to use the leading supplier of structured insulated panels (SIPS).

The architect said: “After three weeks you already have a shell, which could take much more time if using the traditional timber frame methods. “This and the fact that SIPS panels are light and prefabricated cuts down labour costs and reduces exposure to the elements of the existing build. Sip Build UK performed its own survey of the building before starting work with a local contractor.

Mrs Dulnikowska-Przystalska added: “Sip Build UK pays attention to detail and approaches things from the right angle. “It’s also an easy, sensible product and a good eco-friendly way to work with existing buildings. “I truly believe more of this will be used in the future.”

She said SIPS allowed the reduction in depth of the ceiling, creating extra headroom on the first floor and also meant timber beams could be kept within the structure, simplifying the project. Sip Build is due to be on site for three weeks from July 9 and the project is scheduled for completion by the end of August.