SIP Build UK discusses the future of sustainable buildings with Construction Update Magazine


Construction Update | Creating sustainable buildings for our future, together: SIP Build UK and Hemsec work together to build on a shared vision.

With energy prices soaring and millions of UK households living in fuel poverty, we must consider the ways we construct now more than ever.

Many house builders are driving energy savings through a combination of materials and technology; however, we believe that a fabric-first approach delivers huge benefits for the homeowner and the environment. In addition, as building regulations change, a fabric-first approach will increase thermal efficiency to futureproof the build by considering the entire building envelope, with construction materials sitting at the heart of this. 

Building with SIPs can significantly contribute to meeting Future Home Standards and Passivhaus standards, resulting in reduced days that require heating, significantly reducing energy bills. Additionally, when building with SIPs, homes are airtight, resulting in cooler homes during the warmer weather. 

Through the partnership, SIP Build UK and Hemsec aim to build on existing synergies to provide high-quality sustainable building systems, with a focus on taking responsibility in today’s environment for the generations of tomorrow.

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