Offsite Awards shortlist for SIP Build UK.

The Coventry Building Society Arena will host the Offsite Construction Awards on September 19, 2023, along with the cutting-edge OFFSITE EXPO event. With 23 categories covering every aspect of the industry, from hybrid and modular technology to engineering and installation, the awards celebrate all aspects of the offsite building process, recognizing the design and technology that enables these inspiring projects.

Congratulations to all the 2023 Finalists!

SIP Build UK confidently secures a spot as a finalist for the 2023 Offsite Awards within the “Best Private Residential Project” with their impressive Derbyshire Longhouse project, boasting the most complex roof design you have ever seen.

Project | A modern take on a Derbyshire Longhouse, beautifully designed, location considerate multi-generational house using a steel frame and fabulously performing SIP Build UK (SBUK) SIP panels.

From the very beginning of the project the clients have looked to build an energy efficient fabric first building that will last the test of time.

The ultimate use of the house was to house 3 generations of family.  The consistent search for improvements in the materials and airtightness of the building whilst striving to achieve a passive house has led to a building that has incredibly low cost for heating.

Recently whilst the snow was laying on the ground the inside temperature was 22c despite no heating being used.

There are over 120 factory-quality, hand-cut angled roof panels for the most complicated roof we have ever seen. This stunning property delivered a fabric first, sustainable home to the clients to Passive Standards Architecturally spectacular whilst utilising a modern method of construction. Delighted clients!