Net Zero Now | Why wait for the future

Confederation of Timber Industries Net Zero Now 2022 Campaign

Net Zero Now | Why wait for the future | #NETZERONOW Campaign Confederation of Timber Industries

Nearly half of the UK’s total carbon emissions within our borders can be attributed to the construction, operation and maintenance of our built environment (49%). We are in a climate emergency.

We need to tackle these emissions now.

Using timber we can reduce the carbon emissions from existing building stock, turn our cities into a form of carbon capture and storage, and support vast carbon sinks in our rural areas by growing trees.  We can transform our concrete jungles right now by using existing business models and proven technology. We do not need to wait for the future.

Timber is already a £10bn supply chain in the UK. It provides economic prosperity in every region of the UK, green employment, thousands of healthy, safe, warm, and beautiful low-carbon homes, and is helping create a sustainable construction industry. Help us make construction sustainable now.e need to build more homes. We also need to make our existing home more efficient homes, and to reduce demolition. Timber can allow us to meet these needs and rapidly decarbonise our built environment.  This is because wood is a naturally renewable material which:

  1. Sequesters carbon in forests as trees grow.
  2. Stores carbon in harvested wood products.
  3. Substitutes for carbon intensive materials such as steel, concrete and plastics.
  4. Drives Sustainable forest management leading to greater growth.
  5. Contributes to a Circular economy as wood products can be reused, recycled and recovered for low-carbon energy at end-of-life.

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