Munoz House Nominated for Best Building Fabric in a Project

The Making Better Homes Awards were created by Jewson to celebrate the incredible work that our industry is doing to build more sustainably. Whether you have played a pivotal role in creating an eco-friendly new build property, or you are taking small steps to making existing homes more energy efficient, we want to recognise those who are making an impact in shaping a greener future. Voting is now live! We would greatly appreciate your support, so please vote now for Munoz House  >

Munoz House | Self Build Passive Home

Project overview: A large contemporary passive house built using 172mm thick SIP panels, metal open web floor joists decking and all internal walls.

The use of SIPs was especially important to allow full use of the vaulted ceiling and utilise the full floor within the roof space. The client utilised offsite construction to gain program reductions and looked at the surrounding labour market and realised that building the house traditionally not only would have taken much longer but the limited trades in the local area put him the mercy of labour shortages.

Wall build ups to achieve the passive standard traditionally would also have had a dramatic impact on the internal space! Much of the project was procured prior to the rampant price increases that the industry has experienced. Despite this the client worked tirelessly and used some unconventional methods to help keep costs lower despite the very high specification that was required.

The use of an imported Columbian staircase as well as recycled coffee husk and plastic decking helped increase the eco friendly nature of the house.

The project has been built to be energy efficient incorporating 28 solar panels which allows sufficient power for the household and charging of the electric cars. The clients mission before the project started was to build a high end home to passive standards, on a budget by managing as much of the process themselves.

Through lots of discussion and homework, the architects were chosen and then specialist sub contractors employed that had experience delivering the type of project that was to be built. Posttense concrete slab foundations were used reducing the time and cost by approximately 25%. 

One of the main drivers for the structure was an airtight energy efficient system that was lightweight and high quality which would also enhance the use of the foundation type. SIP Build UK were chosen to provide the superstructure, walls, floors, roof structure floor decking and all internal walls.

The installation was particularly important to ensure the air pressure testing achieved the passive standard. The design incorporated large roof overhangs to provide solar shading. Large feature windows to make the most of the outdoor space and view all meant that the thermal performance of the walls and roof was increasingly important. This led to the use of a 172mm thick roof and wall panels. A free form glass and timber tread staircase meant that there was lots of internal structure required to create the large open spaces.

SIPs has contributed to the overall thermal performance, airtightness and size of the building being built. Thinner wall build ups and a faster method of build help keep the house larger in foot print whilst reducing time on site. To add to the sustainable options for the house 10,000l grey water harvesting tanks were installed so this could be recycled when required. 

Before his build was finished, our client states: “Despite the freezing temperature outside, the temperature inside is running between 17-18°C! To think the construction is not even completed yet!

Munoz House | Jewsons “Making Better Homes” Awards 2024

Jewson Press Release:

"Being shortlisted for the Best Building Fabric in a project is a moment of great pride for SIP Build UK, and we are honoured to be amongst the select few that have been acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to the industry. We are immensely proud of the Munoz House project in Colchester, as it exemplifies the perfect synergy between energy efficiency and aesthetic balance. We entered the awards to showcase our dedication to quality, efficiency, and sustainability in the construction industry, and we view this shortlisting not just as an achievement, but as a responsibility to our customers and the environment in making better homes. We remain committed to providing high quality building fabric solutions that exceed expectations, while also reducing our carbon footprint. We are excited for the final results and look forward to sharing our passion for sustainable construction with everyone."

Why Munoz House deserve to win
SIP Build UK | Munoz House made from structural insulated panels

The whole project goes down to my core values as a person, I want to be part of the solution, rather than being part of the problem. I know that we have destroyed the planet for so long that it’s time for us to go back and rethink and say how can we live better? How can we live more sustainably and how can we leave a better planet than I encountered myself? For me, the driver is that I am living and working in a way that I feel comfortable with - knowing that I am not polluting and am helping the planet.