Cottingham Cricket Club New Tea Room

Cottingham Cricket Club Tea Room

Cottingham Cricket Club New Tea Room | After years of ground and facility sharing with both the football and Rugby League teams the decision was taken to try and increase the space available for the traditional cricket tea!

No longer would the sandwiches, cakes, savouries and crisps be squashed into a multiple use facility, but the tea would be served in their own purpose built tea room.

Step forward several hardy volunteers and a sub committee to create and procure a new (or second hand if available) building that would be the main stay of cricket teas for years to come.

Several false starts eventually lead to the thought that having been warmly welcomed into the club and having 2 kids playing for various age groups and men’s teams at the club it seemed appropriate that Frame Build UK and SIP Build UK MD Chris Duckworth offer his businesses skills to provide the shell of a building to last for years to come.

So the journey began to beg and cajole the supply chain into helping with the building.  Money being tight and raised through fundraising efforts meant that every penny was counted.  The marketplace was indicating that the budget and the wish list were substantially far apart!!

Planning obtained by Rob Rhodes, the Team room was then sent for design to D&B Design Works they carefully crafted the unit and designed it to have canopy over hang and substantial walls with fully fitted factory insulation.

As the project gathered momentum more and more effort was required, more and more arms were twisted and the club ended up with a Tea Room to be truly proud of.  In the first instance contributions were made by the following:

Kingspan Insulation (Floor insulation) , SEC Fixings (clips and fixings), Sodra (Roof Timbers), Askey Transport (haulage) Global Building Supplies ,

SIP Build UK and Frame Build UK would like to thank Tim Nixon and Adam Chapman for their building skills through the worst weather of the year, furthermore the factory lads who braved the weather to help unload and distribute materials Stuart, Jack, Gladman and Gatis.

The structure was erected over 2 ½ days, assistance from Stuart (Askey Transport ) who is still owed a drink for managing to get the panels much closer to the site than would normally have been possible and thus saving many hours of lifting!

The hard work was about to start, and it is with huge thanks that the following people have been singled out for a special mention:

Craig and Ross Parker – without you we would be powerless and water less!

Carl Farniss – (Simons very able assistant!)

Andy Hood  -(Carls assistant!!)

Simon Weston – The unwavering driver and perfectionist who has delivered a fabulous building!

Special mentions also required for Simon Collins and Rebecca Collins for the wonderful floor covering.

 The list of volunteers is long and is very likely to miss somebody but here goes:

Huge thanks go to:

Lewis Scott, Ken Parker, Rob Rhodes, David Hull, Charlie Parker, Sam Duckworth, Sam Wilson, Mike Goldsmith, Tim Weston, James Brown, Mike Gibson (coffee duty!) Paul Goldsmith, Claire Farniss and Steph Kinsella for taking control of the internals and the Tuck Shop.

Finally, the Tea Room is truly a building that everybody involved with it should be proud of.  Built during a Pandemic and terrible weather, the resolve and generosity of those involved has never ceased to amaze me.

Proud to be a member of Cottingham Cricket Club.