Oxted - Surrey | SIP Cladding to an Oak Frame

About the project | Oxted - Surrey

ARCHITECT: Oakland Vale

PROJECT TYPE: SIP Cladding to an Oak Frame

System Products:

172mm SIP Panel

The panels are typically 1220mm wide and can be as long as 7.5 metres in length to suit each individual project. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-walls/

172mm SIP Panel

The panels are typically 1220mm wide and can be as long as 7.5 metres in length to suit each individual project. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-walls/

Metal Open Web Internal Floors.

A metal open web floor refers to a floor construction method that utilizes metal open web joists or trusses. This design allows for efficient routing of services and provides cost savings, ease of installation, and design flexibility.   https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-flooring/


Caberdeck is a structural decking derived from CaberFloor P5, which meets the standards set out in BS EN312: part 5 and BBA-approved, offering additional confirmation of its quality and efficiency. https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-flooring/


TF200 is a breather membrane product offered by the company Glidevale Protect. It is a high-performance membrane meant for safeguarding external walls including roof while construction is happening.

Architecturally Complex – tbc + *2016

The costs provided are totally indicative and should be used informatively and not part of any detailed budgeting process. How long is a piece of string comes to mind!!! https://sipbuilduk.co.uk/sip-cost/

We do hope however that this helps to provide a picture of what can be achieved with our structures within different budget ranges.

As a well established and leading provider of SIP panels to wrap Oak frames SBUK were approached from two different directions for this project.

The client Kevin met with Chris (SBUK MD) to discuss the project and how we could help.  The project was going to be Kevin and Christines retirement home (fabulous retirement home!!).  Our continued work within the sector and experience of designing SIP wraps and installing them along with a very competitive cost were the deciding factors that were required to secure the project.

We had also been approached and had worked with Castle Ring Oak Frame on a number of projects and were recommended to the client by them.

Once planning was finally obtained the oak frame was designed and SBUK were able to design the SIP panels for the external walls and roof.  Further works of designing and installing the MOW floors was also undertaken.

The use of the 172mm system was a decision taken by Kevin and Christine that ensured Building regulations were comfortably met but also helped ensure that the performance of the building was phenomenal and somewhat future proofed for their retirement.

"I know that the site was very small and the build very big which was a challenge with regards to offloading materials and manoeuvring/ operating the telehandler. I have to say that Rob's skills on this machine almost matched my own police surveillance driving abilities ! He would have had the edge if he hadn't clipped one of my plastic storm water manholes .......but I'll let him off that one as he saved my tree that everyone kept telling me I had to cut down. Overall, we couldn't be happier with the end result. It seems a long time since we first met, but we got there in the end. Good luck in the future and if you give out bonus's, then Rob and his team deserve one. . "

"A very large 6 bedroom Oak Frame house that we wrapped in 172mm SIP panels to the external walls and roof. We also designed and installed the MOW floors and deck for the project. The project was incredibly ambitious from the start, the tight site and very large plot had its own difficulties for lifting, storage and deliveries. Our contracts team visited site many times before site to help organise and coordinate the logistical obstacles that we faced. Through the detailed planning of build program and requirements on site the use of smaller rigid vehicles helped reduce the amount of product on site to a minimum so that we had space to prepare and install the panels in an organised manner. The experienced fitting team on the project briefed the client daily (Kevin was not only Client but heavily involved Project Manager thus his daily attendance and interest in the build helped with any issues that arose). The project quality is excellent the program was agreed and met and the client has built and brilliant looking and performing house to live in. "

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"We are extremely pleased with the product and I would be really grateful if you could pass on our thanks and gratitude to Rob for everything that they did to make the end result a resounding success. It became apparent from day one that we had a great team working for us who knew exactly what they were doing and took great pride in their work. They were on site every Monday before 8am, despite a gruelling journey from up your end of the country, and they were back each day, set up and at work about 7.45am. Then it was a long working day when they barely paused for breath. Very impressive. Rob always took time out to update me with each days progress, outline any problems and explain how he intended to deal with things. There was no cutting corners and the work of all the boys was first class. "

Image credits | Castle Ring Oak frame and SIP Build UK