How Long Does it Take to Build a SIP House?

As a modern method of construction (MMC), SIP homes have many benefits. One of the main ones is their quick build time – structural insulated panels can cut framing time by as much as 55% compared to conventional timber framing.

How long does a SIPs build take?

On average, 2-4 weeks on-site.

When it comes to constructing a SIP building, the timeline for completion can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Standard SIP houses can be erected in as little as 10 days, but a simple structure typically takes around 3 weeks to complete.

SIP houses can be categorised into three types which are:

Simple Structures
sips project

Structures that are simple in design have a limited amount of glazing and do not possess any unique feature windows. The building is stacked from storey to storey

Mid Range
worksop sip self build home project front view

Homes that are efficient and mid-range in cost have some feature windows and storeys that are stacked. They may also have a few architectural features to enhance their appearance.

Architecturally complex

Architecturally complex SIP structures with cantilevers and large amounts of additional structure

Buildings that are architecturally complex require additional structures and have cantilevers. They may also have a large amount of additional structure to provide an elegant appearance.

Why is it faster to build with SIPs?

SIP houses are well known for their quick and efficient construction process. This is because the panels are prefabricated off-site and then assembled on-site, reducing the time needed for traditional stick-built construction. This not only speeds up the building process but also helps to minimise waste and reduce overall construction costs.

Structural insulated panels can be used for walls. roofs, cladding, floors and decking making it an all-in-one solution.

Ready to build your dream home?

Overall, the construction timeline for a SIP house can be relatively quick compared to traditional construction methods. With the help of SIP Build UK, you can have your dream home built and ready to move into in just a matter of weeks.

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