Barnsley Office Complex: SIP Cladding Project

About the project



PRODUCTS: 142mm Kingspan Tek SIPs

Barnsley Office Complex: SIP Cladding Project | A brief from the client to produce an energy efficient modern office building that was cost effective to build and low cost to heat was the instruction to the architect.

MWA designed a steel frame building with standard concrete floors and elected for the Kingspan Tek SIP wall system to wrap the steel frame with an airtight, thermally efficient super-fast method of construction.

The works undertaken in the winter during cold and wet conditions the 2 buildings were wrapped in a little under 3 weeks taking the brickwork of the critical path and allowing the main contractor to start first fixing weeks earlier.

As all the panels are precision engineered and ‘offsite’ in approach the weather did not affect the program. Conditions underfoot were testing but working predominantly from the inside of the steel structure on the concrete floor removed the need for lots of messy site movements!

The end result was a quickly built, thermally efficient building that allowed the brickwork to take place when the external conditions improved!